Automated cash
management system

With CashSecurity’s Automated cash management system we take cash payment automation to a new level, providing a comprehensive solution that simplifies all cash management processes for your business with the support of our revolutionary Automated cash management system.

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Benefits of CashSecurity's smart cash drawer

Our smart drawer is much more than just secure cash storage. Seamlessly integrating with most market management software, this innovative system prevents ticket jams without service interruptionThe new system, which adapts to all Euro coins and banknotes and other currencies, improves food hygiene and guarantees error-free cash management with our automatic cashing machines.

Our automated cash management system:

Prevents theft and minimizes errors

Cash collections present unique challenges and associated risks. Our intelligent drawers make it easy to minimize errors in the return of change, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Our automatic cash register:

Collects and returns change

Stop counting coins and take advantage of the efficiency and speed of our automated cash management system. Save time and money when receiving payments from your customers.

Our automated cash management system:

End of cash flow imbalance

With CashSecurity the cash register always checks out! Keep an accurate record of the amount of cash present and how it is distributed. Simplify cash closing, saving time and eliminating losses due to mismatches with the automated cash management system.

Get it with our smart drawer:

A more hygienic environment

Banknotes and coins can be a vehicle for thousands of germs. Prevent your staff from having to touch customers’ money. Our smart drawer reduces this risk, something your customers will appreciate for their safety.

Thanks to our intelligent drawer you will have:

Guaranteed availability of change

Thanks to our advanced sensors, CashSecurity’s intelligent cash drawer always knows how much change is available and proactively alerts if compartments need to be refilled. Never again will you find yourself without change.

With our smart drawer you can be sure of the:

Effective counterfeit detection

Our automated cash management system instantly examines and verifies the cash inserted, using state-of-the-art laser sensors to efficiently detect counterfeit bills.

Models of automatic cash registers

We are pleased to introduce our new and second model of automatic cashing machines, CashSecurity II.

CashSecurity I

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CashSecurity II

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Revolutionizing cash registers with automatic cashing machines

Experience the peace of mind and security that only our Automated cash management system can offer. Designed to suit a wide range of businesses, from supermarkets to small retailers, these advanced solutions collect and return change, manage payments and ensure error-free cash management, all at exceptional speed and performance, thanks to the efficient automatic cash drawer.


Outstanding features of our automatic cash drawer

OurAutomated cash management system model is distinguished by its ability to accept and verify coins and bills quickly and accurately.
Whether you operate in a high-demand environment or require customized solutions for your store, CashSecurity offers you the technology you need for efficient and secure cash management through our smart cash drawer.

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More advantages

Automatic cash drawers have even more advantages:

cashsecurity_I_3 Multi-currency

Accepts and verifies banknotes of other currencies

caja_-cobro-verifica-cuatro-monedas-segundo Coins

Accepts and verifies up to 4 coins per second

cajon_verifica-cuatro-monedas-segundo Redundant system

A ticket jam does not put equipment out of service


Overcoming cash management challenges

Business owners often face significant cash management challenges, such as human error in counting, security risks from theft or fraud, and the complexity of end-of-day cash reconciliation. Our automatic cashing machine and smart drawer addresses these potential problems directly, automating cash processes to reduce errors, improve security and increase operational efficiency.

Who are our automatic cashing machines ideal for?

Our smart drawer is perfect for a variety of commercial environments. Supermarkets, tobacconists, restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and any other business that handles cash transactions will benefit greatly from the implementation of these solutions. The versatility and adaptability of our automatic cash drawer make it ideal for improving cash management in any commercial scenario.

Why choose CashSecurity for your cash management?

Choosing CashSecurity and our automatic cashing machines means choosing cash management that ensures peace of mind, reliability, versatility, and security. With our commitment, you won’t have to worry about counterfeit bills or coins, enjoying a cash register that always balances thanks to the efficiency of our automatic cash drawer, all with the speed and high performance that your business demands.

CashSecurity Opinions

These are some of the CashSecurity reviews that customers have left us over the years:

Antonio Guadalix
Antonio Guadalix
Miguel García Pedrosa
Miguel García Pedrosa
Hector, un gran profesional y una gran persona da gusto así larga, vida, amigo
Mari Serrano Velasco
Mari Serrano Velasco
Contrate hace unos meses un Cashsecurity con Ángela y estoy super contenta. Tanto por su atención como por el trato recibido siempre esta pendiente de todo. El servicio técnico es muy efectivo y si tengo alguna pregunta o problema me lo solucionan muy rapido. Muy aconsejable, yo estoy muy satisfecha con el cajon y con ellos.
Isi Juarez
Isi Juarez
Angy Ro Martin
Angy Ro Martin
Adquirí el cajón hace unos meses, era un poco reacia a este tipo de sistemas, pero gracias al cajón me pude dar cuenta de que me estaban robando, gente mía de confianza. El cajón va perfectamente y si tengo cualquier cosa el servicio técnico me lo soluciona con gran rapidez. Muy recomendable.

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